ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- As government employees, we are all expected to abide by standards of ethical conduct and be honest in all we do on the job. Commander's Policy Statement #6 Standards of Ethical Conduct states, "Trust is hard to earn, but easily lost."When depot employees send an email, communicate official business or sign official U.S. Government documents, they are under an obligation to tell the truth and accurately reflect their actions.For example, if an employee signs a form that states they inventoried an item, they must have inventoried the item and make sure the form accurately reflects the results of their inventory.Failure to do this creates loss of the trust of their supervisor.They may have also committed a criminal act, a felony (18 United States Code Section 1001). Penalties range from fines to imprisonment not more than five years, or both.Employees are also subject to disciplinary action under administrative procedures which range from informal discipline up to and including termination or removal.Employees are reminded of this obligation to ensure record systems are accurate and employee trustworthiness is maintained.