ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Everyone knows Performance to Promise, commonly called the production schedule, is the major driver for manufacturing operations at Anniston Army Depot.Quality is an important factor for a high P2P.Rework, which is defined as rework, repair, or tests performed because a job was not done properly in the first place, is a huge factor in cost and causes our hourly rate to go up.This means we could lose programs not only for poor quality, but also because another business can underbid the work.The goal of reducing rework is a continual focus from the command staff and is one of the quality objectives laid out in Quality Policy Statement number 9.Our goal for rework is to lower the total hours by 25 percent.Currently, ANAD is running approximately 200 percent what it was last year at this time. Part of this increase appears to be mischarging of rework. If the Cost of Quality policy, LOI XI-07, is followed, charging would be eliminated on some issues.For example, installation of missing parts should be charged to the program, not to rework. Following the instructions laid out in Depot Maintenance Work Requirements, National Maintenance Work Requirements, Technical Manuals, Standard Operating Procedures, Statements of Work and Shop Project Orders are extremely important to avoid rework which causes massive delays in meeting schedules.WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP?• If the work being performed is rework, follow LOI XI-07 and charge it to the rework Statistical Internal Order, so we can focus on issues and improve processes.• If it is work being performed for the program, charge it to the program.• If issues exist with work instructions, turn in a 2028 to change the instructions.• Know where your instructions are and follow them to build the end item.• Track the defects and use that feedback to train and improve P2P and lower rework cost for the depot. This will help keep us a viable source of supply for years to come.Every effort made by each employee effects the cost for the programs. Making a decision to install a part which has not been through the process could cost ANAD rework, cost or the program overall.Each of you are a key player in the success of the program, the depot and the Soldier using equipment.Effecting change is as easy as choosing the right part to install and taking the wrong part to your inspector to have a non-conformance record entered against it. Let's use this data to make us a better manufacturing facility and keep ANAD around for generations to come.