ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- In 2007, Anniston Army Depot's Turbine Engine Facility earned the Shingo Bronze medallion based on the standardization processes in place for work on the AGT 1500 turbine engine.Since that time, numerous changes have come to the shop.In 2007, most AGT 1500 engines brought onto the depot and into the Turbine Engine Facility were treated exactly the same way - disassembled down to their components and the components sent to various areas for rework, then the components and a standard kit of new parts met in the assembly area to be put together prior to testing.Each station, each area, each employee performed the same work on engine after engine.Today, the condition-based overhaul utilized by the shop requires each engine to be reviewed individually. After inspection, the components are repaired or overhauled per work instructions.Other changes are evident as well.The inclusion of machining, metalizing and cleaning equipment from another shop enabled the facility to be a one-stop shop for all turbine engines.New test cells came in 2009 and now, just over 10 years later, are being upgraded.The seam welding machines are also in the process of being updated.The mechanics themselves have also changed. Today, more than a fourth of all employees in the shop came through the depot's cooperative education program.And those employees all work from instructions delivered electronically to computers at their work station.These Electronic Manufacturing Operation and Tooling instructions assist employees in every facet of the production processes.