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As part of the Joint Munitions Command's Equal Employment Opportunity initiative, the Special Emphasis Program Manager (SEPM) Committee strives to promote workforce diversity throughout the command to enhance strategic success.

The overall objective of the SEPM is to promote the employment and advancement of a diverse and inclusive workforce for minorities, women and individuals with disabilities by ensuring they are afforded an equal opportunity in every personnel management policy and practice.

The committee is made up of six representatives who advocate for individuals with disabilities and those from the following minority groups: Hispanic, Black/African American, Asian/Pacific Islander, women and American Indian/Alaskan Natives.

The subcommittee members function as organizational liaisons to provide valuable information about the concerns and needs of minorities, women and people with disabilities in their respective organizations. The subcommittee members comprise a working group representing the workforce's variety of organizations, occupations, grades and ethnic diversity within JMC.

Diversity and inclusion is just one piece of JMC's human capital campaign plan, which focuses on the total-force personnel. JMC is looking to cultivate talent and grow leaders within the organization, making sure employees are receiving the right training and development opportunities to succeed in their current positions. As part of this effort, JMC recently hosted a Graduate School course to conduct SEPM training for staff members across the command.

During the course, Col. Dave Brown, JMC chief of staff emphasized the importance of SEPM efforts.

"Being a SEPM member is not something you have to do, but you participate because you have a passion that you want emphasized," Brown noted. "Not just for our command, but for every ammo plant or organization across our Army. I get a lot out of the SEPM, I love the interaction. Everyone brings a unique perspective and that's what the SEPMs bring to us. It broadens our horizons and it's really what makes the Department of Defense truly unique. Thank you very much for what you are doing. It's important to JMC."

Quang Nguyen, a general engineer in JMC's Quality Assurance Directorate serves as the Asian/Pacific Islander Program Manager.

"My expectation for this course was to gain the knowledge to execute my duties as a Special Emphasis Program Manager and assist in eliminating barriers that prevent us from hiring people of different cultural backgrounds, ethnicities, races and disabilities within JMC that will enable me and my teammates to accomplish our mission more efficiently and effectively," Nguyen said.

JMC is committed to enhancing and advancing the spirit of diversity, inclusion and equal employment opportunity within the JMC workforce. JMC has placed an emphasis on underrepresented cohorts throughout the command by increasing outreach to educational institutions and local communities with less than expected workforce participation. JMC supports training of EEO staff and SEPM and the hiring initiatives of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program and the Minority College Relations Program.

JMC also aims to present historically Black Colleges and Universities and minority institutions leaders and faculty with information regarding prospective participation in STEM efforts. With continued support and collaborative efforts between government and the private sector, minority servicing institutions will continue to play a critical role in our nation by preparing men and women for the workforce and providing innovation and technology solutions in support of our men and women in uniform well into the future.