This year's U.S. Army Soldier Show showcased many talented Soldiers. Not only were they excellent singers and dancers, but they also displayed their rollerblading, jump-roping and acting skills. The program, which was more than 20 songs long, kept the audience entertained and excited for the entire two hours.

The June 17 afternoon show was attended by nearly 700 Soldiers from the Arsenal who enjoyed the show from start to finish. They started off the program by chanting "We want the Soldier Show" and continued with their high energy, supporting the performers and cheering the whole way through. Many times audience members were out of their seats dancing along, swaying their hands and singing.

My favorite was watching the Soldiers in the audience enjoy the performers' version of Taylor Swift's "Love Story." Everyone seemed to have a great time laughing and cheering as they sang along with the song and cheered on the singers.
At the end of the show, the performers were thanked by many members of the community including Army astronaut Lt. Col. Shane Kimbrough. He gave each performer a framed picture of photos that he took during his trip to space.

For the very last number, everyone joined in singing the Army Song. It brought the entire audience to their feet.