For the past couple of years, military quarters under the management of private housing companies have been under scrutiny. Changes are now being made to entice Soldiers, retirees and their Families to make on-post housing on Fort Jackson their first choice."I want residents on Fort Jackson to have the best living experience of any installation," said Fort Jackson Family Homes Manager, Judy Boley.Fort Jackson Family Homes, the private housing company who is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of homes on the installation has placed high emphasis on addressing concerns and improving customer service for their residents.Boley said residents want the convenience to live on-post in a gated community without the worries of homeowners association fees. She explained how residents have a 24-hour hotline in the event of maintenance problems.Staff Sgt. Betsy Upton and her husband Jonathan have a Family of six who have had a positive experience living in Fort Jackson housing."We've lived here two years, the maintenance workers and plumbers are phenomenal. Each of my kids have their own room and there's so much to do on base," Upton said."At the end of the day, we're saving money and time because of the convenience of living on-post," Upton said.Ronald Lester, a retired Army officer and missionary with the Latter Day Saints and his wife who's also a veteran, have lived in military housing for three years."We moved here to serve the post, give back to the military and for the convenience of being near the Soldiers we serve," Lester said."The ability to walk around a golf course, have a commissary without traffic congestion and the security are things I enjoy about living in military housing," Lester said.In 2019, Fort Jackson leaders reached out to residents of all 850 on-post quarters to personally assess their living conditions. Residents in 810 units either allowed the visits or communicated with leaders.Leadership also established a 24-hour hotline, to elevate any life, health or safety issues. Residents can also address their issues, concerns or questions directly to the garrison leadership team by using Interactive Customer Evaluations.With the backing of leadership to improve conditions of privatized housing quality and services, on-post housing should be considered when making your next choice for a home.Brig. Gen. Milford H. Beagle Jr., post commander, also hosts quarterly housing town halls to allow residents to raise their concerns directly to installation leaders. The next town hall is scheduled for 5 p.m. March 17 at Victory Hall. For more information contact the Garrison Housing Office at 751-9343.