POZNAŃ, Poland- Command Sgt. Major Raymond S. Harris, 1st Infantry Division command sergeant major, spent time talking with enlisted personnel who are part of the forward element of 1ID during his visit to Poznań, Poland, last week.Harris felt it was important to speak with Soldiers, who will take the reigns in the U.S. Army as enlisted advisors in the future."My goal is to train the next 'me'," Harris said. "I want to get Sgt. Major Jackson ready to replace me and the first sergeant to become a sergeant major. And then prepare the next level of first sergeants."As Harris spoke with the Soldiers, he offered other insightful thoughts on multiple topics to include:- On Defender 20: "This is the first time the Army is training to deploy combat infantry units (ABCT) in such a manner or scale. This is a tremendous opportunity for all of us here in Poland."- On physical training: "It is up to us as leaders to improve fitness. Have a plan and execute it daily, weekly and monthly. We have to come up with new and creative ways to both motivate and inspire the rest on the enlisted ranks to want to get better physically. It ultimately makes a Soldier healthier and happier."- On college and education: "Do not rely on the Army as your way out when you get out. The education you have will certify and validate what you do and know in the civilian world. Take advantage of the education opportunities and educate yourself."The Fort Riley, Kansas, based 1st Infantry Division is currently in Europe in support of Atlantic Resolve and preparing for Defender Europe 2020 later this spring.-30-Please visit https://www.dvidshub.net/unit/241MPAD for the latest 1ID FWD releases, photos and videos.