Schvrmmmmmmm! Kwishuuuuuuuuuu! Sounds from a small microphone echo from the illuminating lightsabers as their owners prepare to spar.Father and son duo, U.S. Army Staff Sgt. James Sledge with Charlie Company 1-210th Battalion, 128th Aviation Brigade instructor and James Sledge, Jr., connect through Saberation lightsaber classes on Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia.Sledge has been a part of Saberation for a year and half and practices his physical, mental and spiritual readiness through his saber training."The number one thing I've taken from this class has definitely been focus," Sledge said. "I try to narrow things down to a fine point and perfect each and every move." Sledge Jr. nods his head and smiles when his father says, "My son can tell you, I'm a bit of a perfectionist; if I'm not getting it right, I will drill it until it's right."Sledge Jr. started attending the training six months ago to spend more time with his father."I love sports, especially baseball," Sledge Jr. said. "I play it every day if I have the chance, but being here [at] Saberation has really given my father and me the opportunity to bond and understand each other."Sledge went on to explain how their love for Saberation has led them to spending more time with each other outside of the class."I definitely would say we bond during light saber training," Sledge said. "It's something that we do together during our spare time; even outside of the class we practice techniques and try new things on each other."Sledge went on to explain that the sport is not only a way for him to fine-tune himself but also gives him a chance to reach out to the community and bring physical fitness to the populous in a new and exciting way."I do it as a stress relief outlet in my spare time," Sledge said. "Aside from spending time with my family, this is where I center my thoughts, and enjoy the art of learning how to put moves together and learning new parts of forms, and, being a Star Wars geek, it pushes it that much further."Before the conversation ended, Sledge Jr. stated "May the force be with you," in traditional Star Wars fashion.Related Links:Joint Base Langely - Eustis Twitter pageJBL-E DVIDS pageJoint Base Langley - Eustis Facebook pageJoint Base Langley - Eustis Instagram pageOfficial Joint Base Langley Eustis web page