WIESBADEN, Germany -- The new Kantine contractors, Seong Suk Yoo and Hwan-Wook Lee, together with Deputy Garrison Commander Scott Mowry signed the Kantine contract Jan. 23 at the Works Council Building on Clay Kaserne. The German Kantine, a food option on post, is expected to have its grand opening in March.The new contractors will offer German and European food as well as a Korean meal per day, Yoo said. A vegetarian option will be available, but they will also offer meat, such as schnitzel and gulasch. The meals come with a side salad and potatoes, french fries or rice.People who prefer to have their lunch at the office can order their food to go."I am very much looking forward to operating the new Kantine, since I have worked all my life in food service. This is my work," Yoo said. "I have lots of experience. This is why this is like a dream."