The Fort Stewart-Hunter Army Airfield Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program offers several ways to help servicemembers as they consider the next step in their lives; whether continuing their military career, pursuing higher education, starting their own business or seeking employment.Corbin Dantes-Perry recently transitioned out of the Army and chose to remain a part of the Marne Community as a federal employee. After graduating from DePaul University with a degree in information systems on an Army ROTC scholarship in 2011, he commissioned as a military intelligence cfficer. His Army career brought him to the Infantry Basic Officer Leader Course, Ranger School, Airborne School, Jumpmaster School and the MI Captains Career Course. He was stationed at numerous duty stations including Fort Benning, Fort Bragg and Fort Huachuca. He deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. His civilian transition goal was to continue federal service as he completed his master of public administration degree at Georgia Southern University.Dantes-Perry's father, a senior executive service role for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp in Washington, D.C., always promoted a federal civilian career. Dantes-Perry agreed."I wanted the stability and benefits that the Army provided without the constant moving," Dantes-Perry said.He started applying to federal positions in the coastal Georgia area one year prior to his expiration of term of service as he understood that the process can take time."I would rather have to tell an agency that I can't start working because of my active-duty commitment over waiting last minute to apply," he said.A back-up plan was to apply to private sector positions if he did not have a federal offer one month out from the start of his terminal leave.Within the year, he applied to more than 30 positions through the job site By casting a wide net and applying to various federal agencies, grades and position types, he was able to increase his opportunities to achieve his goal. With the assistance from his father and the SFL-TAP Federal Resume Writing Workshop, he later received four referrals, was selected for one interview and was ultimately hired into a Department of the Army civilian position as a GS-9 at Fort Stewart.Dantes-Perry started his new career as a range operations technician one week after signing out on terminal leave. "My timing was perfect for this transition. The position relates closely to my experience in the Army with the operations and leadership. "The Directorate of Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security and Range Control has a lot of upward mobility and I plan on climbing as high as I can over the next 25 years at Fort Stewart," Dantes-Perry said. "I truly love this new career, supporting Soldiers' training, and working with veterans every day. Federal employment benefits are similar if not better than active duty, which is what I needed for my children," he said.When asked for advice for other servicemembers going through SFL-TAP, he advised them to apply early and often."I always had at least 10 applications running at any given time," he said. "Every resume was tailored to each job announcement. Don't be picky. I was applying to GS-5 positions just to get in to the system. Submit a statement of service signed by your Commander in place of the DD214 while in the application process in order to apply to positions that are only available to Veterans. Don't give up. I was not referred or selected for 90% of the positions that I applied for and that was difficult for me to deal with at first. I know that I am competitive but also knew that that I was competing against other veterans, military spouses, current federal employees and people from all around the country."The SFL-TAP team congratulates Corbin Dantes-Perry on his successful transition into federal employment.For information on SFL-TAP class information, career preparation, internships and job training, visit their website at, search Soldier for Life. Those interested can also visit SFL-TAP at buildings 621 and 526 on Fort Stewart or 1289 on Hunter Army Airfield or call 767-2234 or 767-0052.