SEMBACH, Germany - In support of National Children's Dental Health Month, several members of the Wiesbaden Army Dental Clinic visited Hainerberg and Aukamm Elementary Schools in early February and conducted dental screenings and oral hygiene instruction to more than 700 kindergarten and elementary age students.National Children's Dental Health Month is intended to promote the benefits and awareness of good oral health to children, their caregivers, teachers and others."Learning dental hygiene early on helps to reinforce the principles and goals of good oral health care," said Capt. (Dr.) Cierra Diamse, a general dentist from the Wiesbaden Army Dental Clinic. "Proper oral hygiene helps to develop healthy teeth and gums. We try to get the children excited about it so they understand why brushing and flossing is important and why they should be doing it regularly."During the events, children were taught proper brushing and flossing techniques by dental clinic staff and were shown a video on the importance of oral health.Dental clinic staff also reviewed various food groups and their effect on children's teeth and gums. The school children were seen on an individual basis and given the opportunity to ask questions of the Army dentists.Staff members provided off-post dental clinic information to school nurses in an effort to increase access to care and teachers were provided oral hygiene bags with age-approved toothbrushes and dental floss to disseminate to their students.