BRUNSSUM, Netherlands -- Service members, their Families, and civilians in the Brunssum area will soon have a multitude of options to build morale, to rest and relax, and to spend time with their fellow community members, all in one location.And that location is called the Hub, a 38,750-square foot facility that houses in its open-concept space a restaurant, spaces to hold Family board game nights, an indoor playground for small children, a suite of virtual reality computer systems, and an artificial turf on which to play lawn games or watch a film on the Army's largest television screen.The open-concept space is only part of what the Hub offers. The facility also has a versatile indoor sports court, a physical fitness center, a bar, a slot casino, meeting spaces, two themed escape rooms, and long-term storage with 24-hour access.As U.S. Army Garrison Benelux moves many of its Netherlands-based operations from its Schinnen facilities to its Brunssum facilities as part of the Army's European Infrastructure Consolidation, the Directorate of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (DFMWR) has seized the opportunity to design from the foundation up a facility that can serve the military Family of today.On the cutting edge, players can don virtual reality headgear, wield two handheld controllers, and navigate the globe. Spectators can see on a screen what the virtual reality user is doing from the VR user's perspective. Another two virtual reality set-ups include chairs that can function as the seat in a car or the seat in a cockpit. Flight simulation and drivers testing are possible on these machines.In the indoor sports court, there is a large projection system, which can turn into a large, physically interactive gaming system. Staff of the Hub can dim the lights, light up one of the walls, and play both educational and recreational games for students, who score points by throwing balls at images on the wall. The system has many programmable games that teach physics, math, nutrition and much more, all while engaging the players physically.The cutting edge does not stop at technology either. Within the facility are two different escape rooms, one with a sorcerer / fantasy theme, another with a science fiction theme."We really wanted to focus on recreation that is current, and we think we've done that," said Stacy Perez, director of USAG Benelux DFMWR. "The ultimate goal is to provide MWR services, of course under one roof, that speaks to what Soldiers and Families want today."And oftentimes, service members and their Families simply wish to relax. There is a space to sit next to a hearth (with an artificial fire) and read. And there are a few spaces, where Families or friends can play classic low-tech board games, which MWR has stocked.Also in the facility are a bar called The Mine, which is themed after the Staatsmijn Emma, a locally famous coal mine. Next door to that is a small casino containing slot machines."There's something for everyone," said Perez. "We've created an indoor park environment. And for those gloomy days, you can come in, and we're going to brighten your day."Brian Cook is the facilities manager for the Hub. He oversees DFMWR operations at Brunssum. He said that although the facility has its precursors throughout the Army, this is the first of its kind."There are recreation centers that have food ops and programming rooms, but nothing with the size and scope of this one, where every last element of MWR is in one facility," said Cook. "It is unique. It is a milestone for the Army."The building was turned over to DFMWR in September 2019, at which point DFMWR personnel from across USAG Benelux worked, putting furniture together, cleaning floors and walls. During one particularly busy week, DFMWR logged 800 service hours in construction and set up of the facilities.And the work did not stop at USAG Benelux personnel. Staff from USAG Rheinland-Pfalz in Germany installed wallpaper. Personnel from USAG Stuttgart in Germany provided marketing and graphic design support.In January, DFMWR directors from across Europe as well as DFMWR business operations chiefs visited the new facility to learn about the facility and to offer feedback.The hope, said Perez, is for the facility to become a model of what other DFMWR facilities may do and may be capable of."We're just really looking forward to everyone to come and visit here," she continued. "We welcome folks across Europe and the world to come in and experience this new offering from MWR."Whatever aspirations the team may have concerning the Hub, what is first and foremost is the community and people the serve."It's always about the end customer," said Cook. "That's where the heart of every one of our employees lies: meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of our customers.""I really hope that they find that this is their center of gravity," said Stacy Perez of the Families. "They can come in and find their support here amongst the other community members."DFMWR is set to hold a "Welcome to the Hub" event March 27.To learn more about the many programs offered by DFMWR at USAG Benelux, visit