FORT BRAGG, N.C. -- For 67 years and counting, our nation's leaders made the National Prayer Breakfast a time-honored tradition. Its roots date back to former President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1953 and was founded by Abraham Vereide. Its purpose brings leaders together to focus on prayer and faith.In alignment with the Washington, D.C. event, the home of the airborne and special operations forces held the Fort Bragg National Prayer Breakfast filling the conference room with approximately 400 Soldiers, Families, and guests at the Iron Mike Conference Center, Feb. 13."For over 60 years, The National Prayer Breakfast has provided an opportunity for people of faith to gather in a time of fellowship as they reflect on that faith," said Chaplain Col. Randy Griffin, Garrison chaplain.Guests were welcomed into the event as the 82nd Airborne Division All American Quintet performed the prelude and a buffet-style breakfast was offered. Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Brad Lee and his Family performed special songs for the occasion before the introduction of the guest speaker."We are honored this year to have Edward Graham, grandson of the late Reverend Billy Graham and member of Samaritan's Purse, as our guest speaker," Griffin said. "A former Army officer serving in some of our most elite units, Mr. Graham is no stranger to balancing his faith and the demands of military leadership."Graham served 16 years in the U.S. Army, including various combat deployments while serving in the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. After transitioning out of the service, Graham began serving in the ministry in 2018.He shared personal experiences he endured while serving and stated that prayer helped him through challenges."I had to use prayer," Graham said. "When you're in the heat of battle and conflict, emotions run high. You got to find a way to keep those checked. Those are things that I had to surrender over to the Lord, and give it to him. In the military, surrender is a bad term. I had to give that over to him, and I do that through prayer."Following his message, the event concluded with a benediction and an opportunity for guests to speak with Graham.