Crane Army Ammunition Activity collaborated with Naval Support Activity Crane on emergency procedure drills as a part of the U.S. Navy's annual force protection exercises Citadel Shield/Solid Curtain on Feb. 6.This operation marks the 12th year for the exercises and the third time Crane Army has actively participated. CAAA Security Specialist and Anti-Terrorism Officer Stephanie Harris said the joint effort reinforced protection efforts and helps keep Crane Army employees safe."By partnering on this, we maintain good communication and action plans for how Crane Army and Crane Navy are able to work together," Harris said. "We can do much better when we pool our resources."Crane Army workers took part in both an active shooter and a suspicious package drill to evaluate current evacuation procedure and emergency response systems for participating buildings. NSA Crane departments, tenant commands and first responder representatives worked together to develop the scenarios for testing and evaluation criteria."Since we are two different branches of the military we have different tactics, procedures, and policies," NSA Crane Installation Emergency Management Officer Fabian Bahena said. "These exercises are a good way for us to work together and bridge those knowledge gaps and for CAAA to integrate themselves with our response plans."In preparation for the two-week training event, CAAA and NSA employees reviewed emergency material such as evacuation procedure, placement of potentially hazardous material, lockdown procedure and communication with first responders."I think that knowing the why of how those things work together really helps solidify in our people's mind the reason they need to take the action steps that they do and also gives them confidence in our emergency responder's ability to do their job," Crane Army Emergency Management and Plans Officer Jessica Kirkendall said.Kirkendall said that the safety of the base goes beyond military branch and tenant distinctions, especially in emergency situations and that the exercises are a way to make sure everyone is prepared when the time comes."It doesn't matter if you're Army or Navy," Kirkendall said. "This is our home and this is where we work 40-plus hours a week. When there is some type of a threat or a hazard that occurs on this installation, it will affect everyone, so everyone needs to be a part of the solution." Crane Army Ammunition Activity produces and provides conventional munitions in support of U.S. Army and Joint Force readiness. It is part of the Joint Munitions Command and the U.S. Army Materiel Command, which include arsenals, depots, activities and ammunition plants. Established Oct. 1977, it is located on Naval Support Activity Crane.