REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama - Heroes, leaders and professionals gathered to recognize Soldiers and civilians for their accomplishments within the air defense and field artillery branches.More than 200 Soldiers and guests of the North Alabama Chapter of the Field Artillery Association, or NAFAA, and the Air Defense Artillery Association, or ADAA, gathered Feb. 8 to induct its newest members into the Order of Saint Barbara military society at Redstone Arsenal's Summit."Congratulations to tonight's inductees into the Honorable Order of Saint Barbara," said Lt. Gen. Daniel L. Karbler, commanding general, U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command. "Make no mistake: the men and women of the Fires community are our greatest asset."Thanks again to our hosts for the great work they are doing at the grassroots level to promote the Fires community," Karbler added. "From community service and charitable donations to scholarship programs and officer professional development events, the ADAA and the NAFAA keep their members and the public up to date on the latest doctrine and capabilities. You all are invaluable to our mission, and we are lucky to have your unwavering support."The Order of Saint Barbara, Ancient or Honorable, links field artillerymen of the past and present in a brotherhood of professionalism, selfless service and sacrifice symbolized by Saint Barbara. Members of both the Army and Marine Corps, along with their military and civilian supporters, are eligible for membership.The Honorable Order of Saint Barbara is awarded to individuals who have demonstrated the highest standards of integrity and moral character, displayed an outstanding degree of professional competence and served the artillery branch with selflessness, as well as contributed to the promotion of the branch.This year's ADAA inductees are: Col. David Almquist, James (Jay) Edmonds, Laura Nunnelley, Susan Williams, Ronald (Greg) Snowden, Raymond (Matt) Spielman, Gail Lowe, Patrick Godin, Nicholas Madison, Steven Briceno, Brian Pouliot, Matthew Tryniski, Charles Wright, Vincent Hines, Regina Hawkins-Hines, Penelope M. Tarpley, Jeffrey (Scott) Hobohm, Richard White, Nancy DiCarlo and Christina Williams.This year's NAFAA awardees are: Robert Strider, Paige Walker, Michael Steelman, Caleb Nabors, Scott Michaels, Phil Daniel, Natalie DeLuca and Col. Jeffrey Caldwell."This is a great honor for me," said Robert K. Strider, deputy director, Army Hypersonic Project Office Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office. "I have worked several projects in my career related to field artillery and air defense artillery and this recognition is very special. This shows that the work I have been involved with has been recognized as important to the FA and ADA communities and it is truly an honor to be inducted."I was involved early in my government career in pursuit of enemy threat missile systems and have always had the utmost respect for the field artillery and air defense artillery communities," he added. "Receiving this honor validates all the work that was done and is truly something special."