Army Uniform Board Votes On Soldier-Driven Changes for New AGSUs

By Ms. LeAndrea O White (G4)February 18, 2020

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WASHINGTON -- The Army Uniform Board (AUB) recently met to address and vote on the latest feedback from Soldiers for improving the design of the new Army Green Service Uniform (AGSU). The AUB, which included the first all-female board for the female uniform, sought and addressed the critical changes from Soldiers in designing the uniform for function and fit.

The AUB discussed and voted on 20 uniform changes for both complex and simple design features. These changes directly stem from Soldier participation in the limited user evaluation that is intended to enhance the AGSU's performance and functionality for Soldiers across the Army.

Voting efforts focused on balancing responses from Soldiers and costs for the Army and Soldiers. "It was important we voted in such a way that demonstrated we understand the valuable input and concerns of our Soldiers. We must also continue to safeguard our promise to keep the AGSU cost down," stated Lieutenant General Duane Gamble, Deputy Chief of Staff G-4 and AUB Chairman.

The AUB is the Army's only forum to address the changing requirements of Soldiers' uniforms and accessory items. Every Soldier can contribute to the Uniform Board process by providing his or her recommendation to his or her unit's Sergeant Major. Incorporating the feedback from our Soldiers is a big part of the AUB process and without their input, the new uniform would not have the support it currently has.

Members of the AUB include Soldiers of all levels, and representatives from the active component, the Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard. Each member has an equal vote in deciding which recommendations go forth to the Chief of Staff of the Army.