FORT HUACHUCA, Arizona -- Now is the time for Mountain Vista Communities (MVC) residents to begin prepping their yards for a luscious green lawn with fewer weeds. MVC residents will be provided free Bermuda grass seed beginning in April. If planning to remove and/or prevent weeds with a chemical spray in backyards before applying the grass seed, residents should take action now to eliminate the chance of contamination to their soil. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide now will kill weeds before they emerge from the soil. Use a post-emergent herbicide to kill weeds that are currently visible. MVC groundskeepers spray a mixture of pre- and post-emergent herbicides in common areas around playgrounds, between houses, at the dog park and community center to reduce weed growth. MVC residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of their yards to include removing weeds from the front and side yards as well as maintaining the backyard. Applying a pre-emergent herbicide will assist residents with weed control throughout the heavy growing season. Late April and May is the prime time to apply grass seed in our area so that roots can be established prior to monsoon season in July. To prepare your yard MVC recommends following these steps: • Soften the soil by applying water and tilling the ground, this will help establish the new seed when it is applied to your yard. • Gentle raking after you have spread the seed will help level out the soil and prevent any bird or insects from eating the grass seed. • It is very important to water the area frequently to avoid the soil from drying out, however, too much water at once can cause your seed to wash away. MVC recommends watering multiple times a day to keep an adequate amount of moisture in the soil. Keep in mind that Fort Huachuca residents must abide by the Fort Huachuca Watering policy found on the MVC website at • Residents may pick up their free bag of grass seed beginning in April at the maintenance office located at 110 Meyer Avenue, behind the MVC Community Center off of Rucker Street. When maintaining yards residents are encouraged to follow these safety reminders: • Residents should store gas powered equipment and gasoline containers in a properly ventilated area such as the garage but not in storage closets. • Only one gallon of gasoline, plus what is in the equipment (lawn mowers, edgers, tilers, etc.) shall be stored in ventilated storage areas only. #HUAHousing