VICENZA, Italy (Feb. 6, 2020) -- U.S. Army Garrison Italy recognized seven host nation employees during an awards ceremony on Jan. 30, for becoming the first employees to broaden their professional backgrounds in the inaugural developmental assignment program.The developmental assignment program, or DAP, is an 89-day training opportunity where Department of the Army Civilians and host nation professionals gain diverse experience in different departments within the Vicenza Military Community. DAP is sponsored by the directorate of human resources. Thirteen employees, all host nation, took advantage during the first program push.Seven DAP graduates were presented with certificates of completion and appreciation and were asked to share their impressions with their garrison teammates."The DAP was an eye opener for me and a unique opportunity for professional growth, not to mention a perfect platform to acquire new skills to take back at my current job," said Giulio Rigodanzo who works at the Central Processing Facility.DAP professionals worked various tasks to include awards ceremony preparation and execution, coordinating customer service training classes, attending SharePoint training classes, and participating in supervisor meetings."This has been an amazing experience not only because I had the chance to improve my knowledge in different fields, but also because I had the opportunity to interact with different persons and learn a lot," said Silvia Trevisan who also finished an assignment.Having the DAP assignment opportunity allows employees of varying backgrounds to "walk in the shoes of another directorate for a short period," says Trevisan, which allows them to open their apertures wider and gain a completely new appreciation for the support they provide."I strongly encourage everyone to participate in this program, which could be a game changer in expanding your horizons and make you a more knowledgeable employee," Rigodanzo said.USAG Italy's DAP is the result of the hard work of a small work force development team led by the human resources directorate."We fought hard to get this program off the ground and truly believe that the results are beneficial for both the participants as well as those directorates offering DAP opportunities," said Human Resources Director Monika Bunch.