FORT HUACHUCA, Ariz. -- Mountain Vista Communities (MVC) takes pride in the outstanding ratings its maintenance team has received in the last several years for customer service satisfaction, however, repairs cannot be made if they are unreported. It is the residents' responsibility to inform MVC of damages or repairs needed in the home such as: water leaks, failures or malfunctions in the heating, ventilation or air conditioning system, inoperable appliances, inoperable doors or windows, running toilets, etc. which all require attention from the maintenance department. Hazards in the home can often be prevented. Although mold and mildew are uncommon in this climate, it can develop under the right conditions. Mold spores are found everywhere and can grow on almost any substance when moisture is present. Residents must immediately report any evidence of a water leak or excessive moisture in the home, as well as in any storage areas or garage. Bubbling paint can be an indicator of an interior leak and should be reported immediately. Mildew is often mistaken for mold. Mildew usually appears as brown spots on the ceilings of bathrooms due to improper ventilation during steamy showers. Mold is black and will usually present itself in areas intended to remain dry that had too much moisture exposure. MVC will treat all mold/mildew service requests as an emergency, responding within 30-60 minutes once it is reported. Residents can contact MVC for more information or to obtain an informative tip sheet on mold. Look for more information and helpful tips in the MVC resident monthly newsletter. Other service requests that are considered emergencies are loss of utilities (water, lights, etc.), water leaks (interior or exterior), sewer backups, chirping carbon dioxide or smoke alarms, and smell of gas. It is vital the resident reports these issues so timely repairs can be made to mitigate disruption to the family. The MVC Maintenance Office and/or the Housing Services Office (HSO) will make follow-up calls on 100 percent of Emergency and Urgent Service Order Requests. While this is an opportunity to address any continued concerns that may occur after the emergency/urgent service request was completed, residents are encouraged to report ongoing issues immediately rather than wait for these calls. The MVC Maintenance Office can be reached 24/7 at 520.458.5885.