FORT BENNING, GA -- WHINSEC Team leaders of the Command and General Staff Officer Course (CGSOC), along with instructors of the Transnational Threat Network Intelligence Analysis Course (T2NIA), participate in a week-long Opposing Force Threat Tactics Course, here at the WHINSEC. "This is great training as the students here in the class will, in turn, lead our OPFOR cells during different exercises we conduct during the CGSOC," said Jim Llinet, chief academic affairs from the School of Professional Military Education. The course, offered by TRADOC G2 ACE Threats Integration, provides information, guidance, and mentoring on how to implement the doctrinal Opposing Force (OPFOR) structures, tactics, and mindset to meet training requirements. The focus of the training is to help personnel to understand and apply a hybrid OPFOR threat, based on best practices representing conventional forces, irregular elements, and criminal organizations, with a range of capabilities - analogous to actual worldwide adversaries. "This course completely reverses the way we, as Intelligence officers, have been taught and worked. Here you are looking at "your" enemy, the blue force, and develop Courses of Action and scenarios based on the OPFOR doctrinal way," commented CPT Darlene Akom, WHINSEC T2NIA Course director. "Although I have not worked directly with this in a while, this class is a great eye-opener, awesome professional developing opportunity, added SSG David Gutierrez," WHINSEC Intel instructor with the T2NIA course.