A decade of building partner capacity
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A decade of building partner capacity
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REDSTONE ARSENAL, Alabama - The Multi-National Aviation Special Project Office (MASPO), Program Executive Office, Aviation celebrated its 10th anniversary on Jan. 23, in a ceremony hosted by Col. John Vannoy the MASPO Project Manager. Mr. Patrick Mason, Program Executive Officer Aviation was the keynote speaker.

The MASPO mission is to develop, deliver, and support non-standard rotary wing aircraft for the DoD, allied countries, or as directed by the Office of the Secretary of Defense. According to Vannoy each of MASPO's aircraft deliveries, hardware modifications, and enhancements enable the warfighting capabilities of our international partners and solidifies strategic relationships.

"We are in a competition and I am a competitor." Vannoy said "we need to hold our ground, we need to continue on sustainment, building those relationships in more than one country, Kenya is one example. Build those relationships, sustain those relationships, and continue to build partner capacity."

Mason said "you all make a difference in the lives of Soldiers because every time we build partner capacity that is one less deployment, that is one less opportunity for Soldiers to go in to harm's way."

MASPO traces its origins back to 2010 when the Undersecretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics) issued an Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) designating the Army "the lead Service for the DoD in performing Mi-17, and potentially other non-standard rotary wing aircraft, procurement and support activities."

Since that time, MASPO has delivered 344 non-standard aircraft worldwide and continues to steadily widen its aperture from a solely Mi-17 warfighting focus to the management of 16 different types of aircraft represented in 27 countries around the globe. In 2019 alone, MASPO fielded 98 aircraft, over 170 supporting mission equipment systems, and enabled over $231 million in supplies, logistics, and sustainment support to our global partners in Afghanistan, Kenya, Uganda, Greece and Croatia.

MASPO continues to support the war in Afghanistan as a core effort, but is now providing value to the Department of Defense and U.S. Army through three critical activities: Enabling global competition in a unique Rotary Wing niche, Creating affordable rotary wing options, and Building relationships with our allies.

The Multi-National Aviation Special Project Office serves as a world-wide ambassador for the United States by developing, delivering, and supporting non-standard rotary wing aircraft. Whether it is through the sale of non-program of record aircraft, excess defense articles, militarized versions of commercial aircraft, or the sustainment of such assets, MASPO provides cost effective and affordable aviation capabilities meeting combatant command priorities and building international partnerships in the process. Throughout these strategic interactions, MASPO contributes to the defense of the United States, our allies, and promotes U.S. military and industrial interests worldwide.