As the Biggest Loser program progresses, participants learn more and more about who they are when it comes to their health.The Directorate of Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation's Fitness Department mixes consistency and variety to help people make exercise a part of their routine living. Variety keeps things fresh and helps competitors find exercises and physical recreation that they look forward to doing, and is how participants discover things that they love and find physical joy in the process.The Biggest Loser program is laced "with other physical fitness events so we can experience more than just the workout," said Meletha Glover, a Fort Jackson civilian employee. "This took fitness forward for me. (It) shows us how important it is to exercise in class and to embrace other types of physical outings as well. It was great doing the MLK Bike ride instead of class. The variety was refreshing. I need that to keep me motivated."Another component to success is involvement.The Biggest Loser program searches for events participants can get involved in that promote wellness."You have to be a part of things if you are trying to change things" said Mariea Whitelow, another civilian employee. "For some time I just thought about what I wish I could do for my health. You get caught up in a cycle of wishing and thinking and never doing."The "Biggest Loser program is a great investment in myself," Whitelow said. "Being a part of this group is so positive. For the first time, I am having a great time making healthier changes in my life. The support is off the charts."Continue to follow the stories and journeys of our Biggest Loser participants by tuning in weekly to read and learn more about the many successes and struggles they encounter as they use the Biggest Loser competition to bring lifestyle changes to their lives.(Editor's note: Pamela Long is the Fitness and Wellness Specialist for Family and MWR. If you would like more information about the Biggest Loser or any of the fitness and wellness programs, please contact Pamela Long at 803-751-3700.)