Before the establishment of Fort Leonard Wood in 1940, the communities of Wharton, Dry Creek, Tribune, Bloodland, Cookville and Palace occupied the land. The 12 historical cemeteries on post are nearly all that remain and help tell the stories of these towns and the people who lived in them -- they serve as quiet reminders of a time before the sounds of marching troops, Reveille and demolition training."The majority of the people interred in the historical cemeteries are former residents of the Fort Leonard Wood lands," said Stephanie Nutt, Directorate of Public Works cultural resource coordinator. "They lived here before the land was purchased by the federal government for the creation of Fort Leonard Wood."One of those individuals is Maggie Coogan who is buried in Friendship Cemetery. Maggie was born Margaret Kelley around 1857 in Pennsylvania and moved to Pulaski County with her parents, Barney and Catherine Kelley, sometime before 1870. She married Dennis Coogan in 1871 after the death of his first wife, Sarah. In 1877, it is presumed Maggie died delivering her 3rd son, William. Maggie is joined in the cemetery by her husband, his first wife, and his third wife, Mary.The Coogans were farmers and part of a very small population in Pulaski County predating many of the communities. According to Nutt, family and friends still visit regularly to pay their respects."The cemeteries are a link to the past and family history for many of these families," she said. "A time when their ancestors lived on and worked the land that became Fort Leonard Wood."Some of the earliest burials date back to the Civil War era."The earliest death date in Tilley Cemetery is 1864 and the earliest death date in Rockwell cemetery is 1868," Nutt said. "Clark Cemetery and Laughlin Cemetery both have headstones with death dates of 1860 so these two are likely the oldest."The cemeteries are open to the public but some require extra measures before visiting.Cemeteries located outside the cantonment area require check-in and check-out through the iSportsman system. Visits to any cemetery in a restricted area requires coordination with range operations.Anyone can register on iSportsman at Fort Leonard Wood's range operations can be reached at 573.596.2525.