USASOC 2019 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey

By U.S. ArmyJanuary 29, 2020

Each year, Federal employees are afforded the opportunity to provide anonymous feedback about their work organization by participating in the annual FEVS.

This feedback is used to offer agency leaders a detailed glimpse of the work environment, experiences and perceptions employees have regarding their leadership within respective offices.

The insight also permits agency leadership to see what works well, needs improvement and how to make necessary adjustments to optimize the work place.

Richard M. Holcomb, Deputy to the Commanding General, spoke of the results continuing to show a pattern of successful workforce engagement.

"The Best Places to Work index score was 79.2 out of 100, a .07 drop since 2018," Holcomb said. "This ranks USASOC the 38th Best Place to work out of 420 agency subcomponents and remains in the top 10 percent of the rankings compared to the rest of the federal agencies," he added.

Joanna Elliot, USASOC Civilian Human Resources Division Chief, highlighted some statistics that FEVS reflected in the results from 2019.

"In regard to the Employment Engagement Index, The President's Engagement Goal is 67%, so we strive to constantly be above and beyond that mark," Elliot said. "This year our percentage was 81.8%, and was a 1.0% change from last year," she continued.

Elliot also said, "We always strive to be the #1 best place to work in the Army." "Additionally, we like to look at statistics from a collective perspective because it's important to see the change over several years, versus simply looking from year to year," she continued. "It gives a better idea of areas of improvement, where we highly succeed, and where we fall in regard to the different quartiles," she concluded.