The following was written by Sgt. 1st Class Mark F. Ounan, an Active/ Guard infantry Soldier currently assigned to the 324th Military Police Btn., Chambersburg, Pa. Ounan is also the only current Soldier and Military Vehicle Preservation Association member taking place in the 2009 MVPA Convoy. Here's an exert from the journal he's keeping as he travels cross-country.

We had some terrible storms last night. Lots of wind and driving rain soaked everything in the car. When we got ready this morning it was still raining, as we got to our rally point. We dried off the car as best we could, and as soon as we were done, it started raining again; a very hard driving rain came in the sides and soaked me and my traveling companion, Harry Fike.

Harry is an 85-year-old World War II veteran, who fought in North Africa, then China and Burma. He lives in Chambersburg, Pa.

Today we first went to the South Bend Regional Airport for a ceremony, then on to the Studebaker Museum in town. Studebaker was a company that first built wagons, and then automobiles. In the museum they have many wagons that Studebaker built for the Army during the Civil War and World War I.

I am leaking transmission oil every time I stop, if I leave the engine idle, a thick puddle of oil forms. This is bad. I drove around town looking for a parts store that might have the heavy oil I need, but no luck.

My transmission is old, and it needs really thick oil. So I'll have to make my own. I remember a recipe I read in an old Dodge Brothers ownerAca,!a,,cs manual. You take regular axle grease and add gear oil; mix it until a screwdriver will stand up straight for about one second before it falls over. If it stays standing up it's too thick, if it falls right over itAca,!a,,cs too thin. WeAca,!a,,cll see what happens in the morning.