3-71 CAV paves the way towards better command supply discipline
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3-71 CAV Paves the Way Toward Better Command Supply Discipline
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Leaders from 3rd Squadron, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division, conducted a leader professional development training on the importance of command supply discipline at their squadron headquarters on Jan. 15, 2020.

The LPD was conducted in order to share lessons learned about managing shortages and discrepancies and to promote a good command supply discipline program (CSDP).

"A successful command supply discipline program requires a commander to actively build, coach, and mentor a competent team to exercise command supply discipline practices," said Staff Sgt. David Winter, who helped put together and present the LPD training.

Command supply discipline programs exist to help reduce possible fraud, waste, and abuse of government property. A CDSP can assist in recognizing both superior and inferior performance regarding supply discipline. When administered properly, a CSDP can identify logistical problems and allows for timely corrective action.

Maintaining proper accountability of property requires time management, technical knowledge, priority setting, and command emphasis. Commanders are required to ensure all government property within their command is properly utilized and maintained. When proper supply discipline is not maintained, it can lead to a loss of time, resources, and money. With a strained budget due to poor command supply discipline, a unit may be unable to replace damaged and missing equipment.

"If you reduce the waste, fraud, and abuse of property, you're saving your Soldiers money, your commanders money, and you're saving taxpayer dollars," said Winter. "By saving that money, you're leaving space to fund training, temporary duty assignments, and all the things Soldiers need."