REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - As many look to the new year as a way to work toward new goals, Army Materiel Command is helping its workforce stick to New Year's Resolutions by providing resources supporting wellness and fitness.AMC Health Promotion Program Manager Valerie Francis said her office looks at what could be beneficial for the workforce, from fitness classes to holistic health courses, and brings those programs to the headquarters. She said providing these resources helps develop AMC's ready and resilient workforce."Our goal is to be there and help the Army family, not just at work, but also at home," Francis said. "Our team is going to give you strategies for how to keep your head in the game and achieve your personal goals."One example of a class offered to the AMC workforce was the "Write the Vision" course. The two-day class helped participants set goals and maintain motivation to achieve those goals. The first day focused on developing goals that align with values and beliefs. During the second day, participants created vision boards to help visualize success."A goal without a plan is a wish," said Dr. Charmaine Harrington, a ready and resilient program manager. "We're not going to tell you what to do, but we will help you to achieve your goals."AMC will have other classes available this spring. "Don't Miss a Beat," a three-part series including a CPR AED class, a heart health guest speaker and blood pressure clinic during ISO American Heart Month in February. In March, April and June, AMC will have "Planning for Retirement," a three-part series including information about the federal employee retirement system, estate planning, social security, Medicare and Veteran Affairs benefits.In addition to classes, AMC also has two life coaches, including Harrington. In this role, she helps members of the workforce talk through challenges at work and home. Her meetings are open to anyone in the AMC enterprise and are confidential."If you want to improve or transform to a better version of yourself, coaching is a way to guide you," Harrington said. "Sometimes you need that inspiration, that person to lead you down the right path."Entering into 2020, Army fitness leaders are letting inspiration drive policy for Soldier fitness and wellness. AMC Command Surgeon Col. Matthew Hoefer said the Army is focusing on the transition the Holistic Health and Fitness program, or H2F."H2F will make it easier to stay fit and eat better," Hoefer said. "The focus is on making lives easier for Soldiers."H2F is an initiative that includes physical training, proper sleep and nutrition, and mental and spiritual readiness. Part of this initiative is the implementation the Army Combat Fitness Test, the largest overhaul in assessing a Soldier's physical fitness in nearly 40 years. The new test will better connect fitness with combat readiness for all Soldiers."H2F is treating a Soldier like a professional athlete, and the Army is a contact sport," Hoefer said.The ACFT is on track to become the physical test of record by October 2020. Through the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, AMC is equipping Army units for the new fitness test. As for the rest of H2F, AMC is supporting the Army as it develops its policy moving forward."I am really excited for 2020," Hoefer said. "I have been in the Army over 20 years. The things I have been wanting in the Army are finally happening."