Army G-4 Begins New Year With New Lines of Effort to Win

By Public Affiars G-4January 17, 2020

LTG Gamble Announces Focus Areas for 2020
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Washington, DC --LTG Duane A. Gamble, Deputy Chief of Staff, G-4, said at a town hall this week his focus in 2020 will be to help the Army build strategic readiness needed to rapidly mobilize, deploy, and sustain forces around the world.

"What you deliver to the Army is incredibly important," he told 200 G-4 staff members, who develop policies and standards used by all Army logisticians.

"Our challenge is to find latent readiness issues across the Army, come up with creative solutions, energize logisticians at all echelons to fix things, and hold everyone accountable. We all need to strive for excellence."

LTG Gamble said progress on strategic readiness already is being made by the G-4 staff through efforts to enable Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, and Direct Reporting Units to realize latent untapped supply readiness, maintain readiness gains, and rapidly project power.

In addition to strategic readiness, LTG Gamble emphasized four other lines of efforts to focus on in 2020. They are:

-- People improving Soldier and Family quality of life, with enhanced PCS moves and other programs.

-- Modernization, ensuring logisticians are multi-domain capable and ready.

-- Allies and partners, improving logistics interoperability, and command and control.

-- Operational Readiness, ensuring current operational readiness of systems and materiel.

"We need to engage today, plan for tomorrow, and posture for the future," he told the staff. "Our goal is to have combat-credible Army units from the strategic to tactical support areas. We need the resources to set theaters, and be ready for future multi-domain conflicts. This will deter our enemies."

LTG Gamble also said that logistics will play a key role in the Army campaign plan, the Army's blueprint for winning.