VICENZA, Italy (Jan. 15, 2020) - Thanks to a collaboration between directorate of human resources and U.S. Army Africa knowledge management office, reserving a seat on the Marco Polo Airport shuttle bus can be done online instead of in-person registration.All you need is a CAC card.The new shuttle bus reservation portal is It launches Jan. 19 for shuttle bus runs beginning Feb. 1. Reservations for shuttle runs through Jan 30, must be made at the Central Processing Facility on Caserma Ederle."US Army Africa's knowledge management office volunteered to create this site and we think the Vicenza military community will really like the convenience of an online reservation system. Users will need a CAC card to use it because of our need to keep both the community and their personal identifiable information safe and secure," said Director of Human Resources Monika Bunch.The new Marco Polo Airport Shuttle Bus Management Portal includes buttons for both users and admins; a downloadable bus schedule, a copy of the shuttle bus policy, a glance of the availability of space over the following week and points of contact."If you don't have easy access to a DoD computer or don't have a CAC card reader at home, future passengers can still go down to the CPF and register," said Bunch.PCS/ETS/Retiring passengers and emergency leave passengers are priority passengers and they will be approved in the system automatically. Passengers traveling in a TDY/RAT status or leave status will be put in a wait status. Three days before the requested date, these passengers will be notified by email if their request is approved or disapproved."After we reach 25 priority passengers for a specific bus run, no other requests will be accepted. This allows for enough baggage space on the bus. Furthermore, if the baggage limit of 35 pieces of luggage is reached, no more requests will be accepted in the system," explained Bunch.In the January Community Leadership Information Forum, officials said the number of passengers per bus run may increase depending on baggage estimates used to launch the system."We hope the new online system helps with everyone's travel planning and eliminates the unpleasant surprise of showing up to only discover there is no seat," Bunch added.