Some who have moved around in the military would agree that invading critters are a common part of life in military housing no matter where you live.Whether you're startled by spiders or cursing at cockroaches, officials at Knox Hills say they are here to relieve you of your persistent pests quickly and safely."Knox Hills' primary commitment is to the resident," said John Bredehoeft, project manager at Knox Hills and the Fort Campbell housing company, Campbell Crossing. "We are focused on providing a place for our residents to live, work and thrive. Knox Hills is fully committed to providing our residents with a clean environment through the proper protocol for the prevention of pests in the homes with the assistance of the residents."What all that means, according to Bredehoeft, is that residents who are having problems with pests can call 502-799-6565 and somebody should come out within two business days to assess the situation and begin treatment."Our team and an exterminator will fully assess and treat all pest issues," said Bredehoeft. "In addition to providing tips on how to prevent pest issues, the assessment and treatment will follow post rules and regulations."Fort Knox residents typically find their most determined pests to be ants, cockroaches, mice, spiders and termites.Bredehoeft said rules and regulations require treatments to contain no toxic chemicals, which makes the process environmentally friendly for all involved. Treatments also begin at the least aggressive levels, which sometimes will require multiple treatments.Daniel Musel, chief of the Fort Knox Environmental Management Division, said the reason for starting at the lowest levels is to protect residents and the environment."We don't want to go out there and start spraying the most harmful chemicals on everything, releasing them in the environment," said Musel. "We first need to identify the pest, and then change strategies when necessary if the first treatment doesn't work."Although this progressive treatment plan has generated some complaints in the past, Bredehoeft said Knox Hills is committed to seeing every problem through to the end for its residents."Knox Hills has and will continue to prevent pest problems until they are corrected and the resident is satisfied," said Bredehoeft. "Most issues can be contained within one treatment. Reoccurring problems will be set up on a 10-day rotation until no signs of pest issues are present."Knox Hills has engaged a certified expert who oversees treatments and is able to verify the success of treatments, according to Bredehoeft. He attributes a reduction of calls for pest control to this."It has provided our residents a greater level of good oversight," said Bredehoeft. "Additionally, Knox Hills sees positive momentum on eliminating pest issues as the community of residents work together with our team."Knox Hills officials are encouraging residents to call maintenance teams when they have problems to they can resolve issues sooner rather later."Our commitment is to our residents," said Bredehoeft. "We want our families to know they are our number one priority."