Nathan Jarrett, with Pine Bluff Arsenal's Directorate of Chemical Biological Defense, represented the Arsenal in a big way in December. Jarrett, who is a work leader with the M8E1 Chemical Biological Protective Shelter program, participated and helped set up a CBPS display at the Army vs. Navy football game in Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 14. Jarrett said the Joint Program Office for Protection needed someone to assist in the M8E1 set up and he was selected. "I left for Philadelphia Dec. 12. We set up the truck on Dec. 13 and did some function tests to make sure everything was working," he said. "The 14th was game day. We got there early, set up the truck to make sure everything was still working properly. The gates were opened and a flood of people came through." He said he easily talked to 500-plus people during the day. "Gregg Buehler, joint program manager, was also in attendance. I would say 1,500 people walked through the unit," said Jarrett. "The Secretary of the Army (Ryan McCarthy) came through the unit. I shook his hand." John Burkhead, CBD director, said the game was a great opportunity for PBA to display the M8E1. "The M8E1 has been a huge success story for PBA. Nathan and the Mobile and Powered System team did an outstanding job supporting the customer, and showcasing one of the Directorate of Chemical and Biological Defenses primary missions," he said. Having been with the M8E1 project since the beginning, Jarrett said he believes he was chosen because he is a good subject matter expert. "I know all the ins and outs of the unit and the project," he said. "The description I give of the unit when I break it down to people who know nothing about the project is it is a mobile hospital. It can be set up in a chemical environment since it can be over pressurized and filters the air coming in. We build them, refurbish them, and do maintenance on them…everything really. We are a one-stop shop for these units." Jarrett did say he got asked a few interesting questions during the game. "I knew the answers to most of the questions. I did have to ask Gregg for one answer," he said. "People were very impressed by the unit. It was a really neat trip and I'm glad I got to experience it. I did get to see the Liberty Bell. It was two blocks from where I was staying downtown." Roch Byrne, PBA Deputy to the Commander, said it was fantastic PBA was able to display the M8E1 in such a highly visible venue like the Army vs. Navy game. "Mr. Jarrett represented the Arsenal very well and we are pleased to be able to provide his expertise during events like these," he said.