The U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command released an updated version of its official product development book on January 3, 2020. The book, officially entitled the USAMRDC 2019 Medical Products Third Edition, serves as a compendium of the many and various medical materiel development and life cycle management efforts of the USAMRDC's medical Project Management Offices."The USAMRDC product book provides an overview of all the great medical product development efforts we are working to support our military health and casualty care," said Dawn Rosarius, USAMRDC's Principal Assistant for Acquisition. "With a focus on multi domain operations, this product book demonstrates the critical value of medical product development for our warfighters."The updated book, which was released following a detailed eleven month review process, is organized into two major sections; the first describing materiel products designed to maintain operational readiness, and the second focusing on knowledge products that inform medical and operational practices. Specifically, the book was developed by the Office of the Principal Assistant for Acquisition (PAA) with support from the Office of the Principal Assistant for Research & Technology (PART) and the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity Project Management Offices."This list is significant in communicating how MRDC intends to provide medical solutions to enable Multi-Domain Operations (MDO) within the next decade," said Mark Dertzbaugh, USAMRDC's Acting Principal Assistant for Research & Technology. "It further demonstrates the wealth of medical S&T innovation happening within MRDC."The initial version of the product review book was released in 2015 and is updated every two years. Notably, the 2019 version of the book includes a section on the aforementioned USAMRDC knowledge products for the first time, also highlights the USAMRDC's Project Management Offices, and further emphasizes the relative complexities of MDO and the importance of the USAMRDC and its affiliated research efforts to Warfighter success on the battlefield of the future.The USAMRDC 2019 Medical Products Third Edition is available online at in downloadable form.