CAMP TAJI, Iraq - An Elizabethton, Tenn., unit has demonstrated commitment to the Security Agreement by fixing humvees being transferred to the Government of Iraq. The Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected vehicle is the new, better-armored, more up-to-date vehicle used today on the battlefield, and they are gradually replacing the up-armored humvee. The 776th Maintenance Company's Redistribution Property Assistance Team has gained an excellent reputation while working as part of an Army program established to reset humvees. In less than half the time of the prior unit, the current team has already exceeded the previous maintenance company's number of humvees restored and turned over. The company's desire, speed and proficiency of fixing vehicles have created quite a stir. The RPAT team's effort to revitalize the humvees and sell them to the Iraqi government. This way the U.S. can sell these armored vehicles and the new Iraqi government will have them at their disposal. In order to be transferred, the vehicles must meet the stringent maintenance standards. To meet these standards, the humvees must be reset. This means all problems, great and small, must be fixed. Sometimes this could be something small such as fixing signal lights, or something more significant like fixing a transmission or engine. Recently the RPAT team completed maintenance on the 100th vehicle, while conducting maintenance on 20 vehicles per month.