Thorough inspection
Sgt. Kevin Taylor, a medical maintainer with the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, works on imaging equipment during medical maintenance training at the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Agency's Medical Maintenance Operations Division - Tracy, Defense Distribution ... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

FORT DETRICK, Md. -- U.S. Army Medical Logistics Command (AMLC) will host a table top exercise in late February aimed at identifying gaps in medical maintenance processes and potential enterprise-wide solutions.

Up to 80 personnel from Army medical maintenance and related fields will take part in the four-day working meeting, set to kick off Feb. 24 at Fort Detrick.

Specific work groups will focus on challenges in product support analysis, medical maintenance functions and medical maintenance management.

"The intent is for everyone to get together to discuss enterprise-wide issues plaguing medical maintenance operations," said Chief Warrant Officer 3 Joshua F. Barto, chief of publications for AMLC's Medical Maintenance Policies and Analysis (M2PA) directorate.

While the event is invite-only, leaders are asking for unit Soldiers to contribute their thoughts, ideas, comments and concerns.

"We want 100 percent participation from everybody," said Chief Warrant Officer 5 Jesus C. Tulud, director of M2PA. "We really want them to speak about the things they've experienced. We want examples."

Examples of potential gaps could include outdated regulations, training and support plan hurdles, challenges to gathering sustainment requirements for medical devices or a lack of property book accountability, among others.

"They could be very simple, but it could help us in the long run," Tulud said.

Soldiers can submit feedback online at Users will need to use their Common Access Card (CAC) to access the system.

AMLC, a major subordinate command under Army Materiel Command, was created through an Army restructuring last year.

As a new command, Tulud said the opportunity to host its first medical maintenance exercise at its headquarters marks a significant milestone for the organization and AMLC Commander Col. Michael B. Lalor.

"Medical maintenance has always been known to take stuff on their own and fix it," Tulud added. "We've never had enterprise-wide fixes and that's what I love right now. Col. Lalor doesn't want to do 'Band-Aid' fixes."

The overarching goal of the exercise, according to AMLC officials, is to identify sustainable solutions to address operational gaps to improve overall readiness of medical devices across the force.

Barto said they also want to increase the Army's ability to see "true readiness."

The exercise will wrap up with a briefing by AMLC leadership to Gen. Gus Perna, commanding general of AMC.

"It is a very big milestone for the command, Col. Lalor, for all of us, but it's also big for the medical maintenance community," Barto said. "In my 20 years doing this, this is one the first times we've ever had a venue to a four-star (general)."

AMC hosted its first medical logistics table top exercise with AMLC in August 2019.

Perna, the Army's senior logistician, has shared a vision to ensure essential Class VIII medical supplies and equipment are always in "the right place at the right time" to support Army and Joint Forces operations.