Leadership Otero were recipients of the first WSMR Cold War Tour presented by WSMR archeologist Bill Godby and WSMR Museum volunteer Gerry Veara.The Dec. 11, 2019, tour included stops at the V-2 rocket assembly building, the 100,000 Pound Static Test Facility used for testing V-2 rocket motors, C-Station where communications and tracking operations occurred during historic missions, and Launch Complex Area 1 used to launch the V-2, WAC Corporal, Nike, Corporal and Honest John rockets and missiles.Leadership Otero was founded in Alamogordo in 2001 at the direction of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors in order to identify current and emerging leaders, enhance their leadership skills, and deepen their knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing our community. Leadership Otero is dedicated to the development of informed future leaders of Otero County