ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- Efforts by employees in Anniston Army Depot's Turret Systems #2/Artillery Branch to clean and reorganize their shop resulted in a safety award for the second quarter of 2019.The idea began with the employees who realized paint, new fixtures and a dedicated flow for products through the shop would enable them to work more efficiently and effectively.Using colors designated to symbolize waste areas, cleaning supplies, recycling bins, storage areas and other spaces, lines were painted throughout the shop and areas which required color coding were given a fresh coat of paint.Striping on the floor outlines the path for forklifts and provides a reminder for pedestrians when moving throughout the shop.Areas around electrical cabinets were also painted, reminding employees to keep those areas clear.A new production fixture was also added to the shop, which enables more efficient assembly of the trail of a M119 Towed Howitzer. The fixture rotates the section, enabling employees to easily construct the upper and lower sections.This has resulted in a safer work station and better use of man hours.The 16 shop employees who participated in the Lean and Six S changes received an Excellence in Safety Award.In accordance with Commander's Policy 21, each director/supervisor may submit one nomination package per award, per quarter. Nominations are due on the 10th day of the month following the quarter (January, April, July and October).(a) Nominations must include names(s), title/grade, organization and directorate of nominee(s).(b) A concise description of the specific achievements, how the nominee(s) accomplished the achievement, and its contribution to safety. The justification must clearly substantiate that the contribution directly resulted in benefits to safety and had a quantifiable impact on the overall safe operations within an organization. Submit written justification in narrative bullet format (not to exceed one, single- spaced, type-written page). Memorandum must be endorsed by the director of the nominee.(c) Each supervisor may nominate their cost center for the Quarterly Cost Center Safety Award by filling out the self-assessment checklist, (available on the ANAD Safety Office intranet page) and submitting to the Safety Office. Nominations are due on the 10th day of the month following the quarter (January, April, July and October).(d) Safety Office evaluates and verifies accident data, and any other applicable information, and forwards nomination memorandum and supporting documents to the Deputy to the Commander for final award selections.Nominations should be sent to the Safety Office POC at