LANDSTUHL, Germany - Landstuhl Regional Medical Center celebrated the arrival of its first baby delivery in 2020 with the birth of an 8 pound 6 ounce baby girl, Jan. 2.At 12:42 a.m., Sierra Duble, wife of Spc. Sean Duble, an information technology specialist with 16th Sustainment Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, delivered Aubrey Lane, the couple's first born.Aubrey, who's expected due date was Dec. 29, 2019, and her family were greeted by LRMC leaders and staff who surprised the family with a basket full of newborn essentials to start the New Year."I think its super cool (having the first baby of the year at LRMC)," said Sean."I get to tell everyone that she was born over here in Europe, something few Americans get to do," said 27-year-old Sierra.In preparing for their first child, Cocoa, Florida natives, used LRMC's services for expecting parents such as prenatal care and learning opportunities. The hospital provides a full range of specialty services for over 250,000 eligible beneficiaries throughout Europe, Western Asia, and Africa to include high-risk prenatal care, genetics counseling and screening and breastfeeding education."We pride ourselves in providing compassionate, patient-centered care consistent with our professional association guidelines and standards of practice," said Lt. Col. Jerremie Siegfried, chief, Division of Women's Health and Newborn Care at LRMC. "Our staff consists of a team of OB/GYN Physicians, Certified Nurse Midwives, Women's Health Nurse Practitioners, Registered Nurses, Health Technicians and Medical Support Assistants committed to serving our beneficiaries' health care needs and providing them with the best experience possible."In 2019, over 760 newborns were delivered at LRMC. Labor and Delivery staff estimates an average of 750 deliveries per year at LRMC. Additionally, there is an average of 3-5 couples with a new addition to their families staying at LRMC each day at the hospital's private rooms with pull-out beds for dad or guests. The Mother-Baby Unit also maintains a Level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, "special delivery" meals, a Neonatal Critical Care Air Transport Team and neonatal ground transport teams.According to the Dubles, currently at their first duty station, the staff and education received at LRMC has prepared them as they start their family at the only forward-stationed medical center for U.S. and Coalition Forces."It's been a learning curve for us to prepare for parenthood," said Sierra. "Every nurse we've had during our stay, and everyone else have been pretty good (delivering patient care). We really enjoyed it."