ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- The Army Warrior Care and Transition Program name has officially changed to the Army Recovery Care Program with the publication of Headquarters Department of the Army Executive Order 048-20.The name change reflects the restructuring of the program to update policy and procedures, to simplify entry criteria, streamline processes and focus resources to foster an environment at the unit level that will serve individual Soldiers' unique needs.While the name may be different, the mission of the Army Recovery Care Program remains the same: to provide quality complex case management to the Army's wounded, ill and injured Soldiers."Supplementing the rebrand, 'Recover and Overcome' is our new motto," said Col. Curtis Douglass, U.S. Army Medical Command, Deputy Chief of Staff, ARCP. "More than a motto, these words acknowledge that every step towards recovery requires formidable determination, and our program is here to provide the support and resources essential to overcome."This year, ARCP will begin implementing its new single entry criteria process that will enable leaders and staff to focus on complex case management to ensure Soldiers receive what they need, when they need it."As our current Army Chief of Staff, Gen. James McConville has stated, 'People are always my number one priority,'" said Douglass. "We are just as much a resource for our leaders, as we are for our Soldiers."For more information contact the Army Recovery Care Program public affairs officer, Ms. Julia Oliveri,, 703-571- 2761. You can find detailed information on single entry criteria at the link below.