HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (Dec. 17, 2019) - The professionals of the Fuels Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Project Delivery Team gathered Dec. 16 to receive the 2019 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' "Team of the Year" Excellence in Contracting Award.The award recognition was announced during the Society of American Military Engineers Federal Small Business Conference Nov. 21 in Dallas, but this was the first time it was presented to the project delivery team, or PDT, officially in Huntsville."This is just another example of the great work going on here at the Center and the great work in the PDTs - the multi-functional group that comes together as a great team to achieve outstanding results," said Col. Marvin L. Griffin, Huntsville Center commander, who presented the award.The team's work with the General Services Administration to begin executing awards under their facility maintenance and management schedule was one big reason for the award. This schedule shift required a lot of coordination work between Fuels and GSA, according to Colleen O'Keefe, who leads the Contracting Directorate at Huntsville Center."This is a huge accomplishment," O'Keefe told members of the PDT. "We're getting the product less expensively and more timely for our customer than we ever have before."The Fuels Recurring Maintenance and Minor Repair Program, part of the Installation Support and Programs Management Directorate, assists the Department of Defense and other government agencies in sustaining a worldwide fueling capability in support of the Army, Navy and Air Force.The program provides maintenance, repair, inspections and emergency response actions for DOD petroleum facilities and other federal activities in compliance with federal, state, and local code, criteria and regulations.According to the program's fact sheet, the preventive and periodic maintenance is executed in a decentralized manner with each DOD installation providing a site representative who is responsible for validating the scope of work and subsequent verification of work completion. Huntsville Center provides additional quality assurance through U.S. Army Corps of Engineers district field offices and periodic quality assurance visits as added checks and balances.