BRISBANE, Australia - Seventy-four participants from nine partner nations and three international organizations have gathered in Brisbane, Australia, to collaborate on Nimble Titan 20, an integrated air and missile defense campaign of experimentation.The event, held Nov. 4-8 by the Australian Defence Department, provides a premier forum for allied and partner nations to explore policy imperatives and operational strategies for integrated missile defense.The keynote speaker was Air Commodore 'Micka' Gray, director general, Advanced and Strategic Capabilities for the Australian Defence Department's Force Integration Division. Gray described some of the challenges that have the potential to fundamentally change regional and international relationships, as well as a shared confidence in deterrence. He noted that Australia is investing heavily in deployed force IAMD capabilities and working to address current interoperability challenges. Finally, Gray recognized Nimble Titan as an important venue to host and explore discussions on national security, defense and military policy.Set against a notional 10-year future epoch, Nimble Titan allows members to experiment in an unclassified and non-attributional environment. It uses a dynamic, interactive tabletop approach that allows allies and partners to explore strategic political-military policy and process-centric objectives that occur within and between nations. The goal of the campaign is to ultimately inform senior leader military decisions that support deterrence and response options while simultaneously strengthening relationships.In Brisbane, participants examined multinational policy guidance and defense postures in relation to complex air and missile defense systems in the Indo-Pacific region. Seminars on missile defense interoperability and integration were also presented to generate discussion that could potentially translate into future policy guidance.The Nimble Titan 20 campaign will culminate with a Senior Leader Event in September after nations have had the opportunity to explore potential solutions to integrated air and missile defense, against both regional and global threats. While there are national differences across the span of these actions and operations, a critical takeaway from Nimble Titan will be a shared understanding of the challenge of interoperability and future missile defense strategies.