SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. - As the 17th senior enlisted leader of the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Command Sgt. Maj. Rocky L. Carr is ready to advance the priorities and vision of the SDDC commanding general and be a voice for every Surface Warrior across the force. Carr assumed his new role during a change of responsibility ceremony December 4, and he says his strategy during his tenure at SDDC is to create connections with the unique command's Soldiers and civilians."It is my goal to face each day with renewed vigor and be the best husband, father, leader, Soldier, and person I can be," he said. "I look forward to working with each member of the team to deliver readiness to the tactical edge at speed."A Soldier since 1991, Carr comes from a family of service members. His father, who also served, supported Carr's decision to join by sharing experiences that helped him develop his guiding principles of leadership - which Carr considers equal parts dignity, respect, standards, discipline and compassion."It is providing guidance, direction, and purpose, while leading from a good place in your heart," he said. "It is putting the needs of others before your own and inspiring excellence at echelon. It is being a sterling personal example and providing incessant care for those you have the privilege to lead."Within that ethos, he follows the Chief of Staff of the Army's belief that people are the Army's number one priority. Carr says that SDDC's success will live or die with its people and their ability to support the warfighter."Keeping people first helps us stay focused on the Soldiers who generate war-winning readiness. Every member of our team should strive to foster an environment that develops teammates physically, professionally and personally," he said."Our ability to accomplish the mission and, at the same time, keep pace with professional development milestones, best prepares us for success," he added.One lesson he intends to employ is finding an appropriate work-life balance, something he said can be done through faith, time-management, and investing in relationships with one's family."Long after each of us takes the uniform off, our families will continue to be by our side, remaining our biggest supporters," he said.Carr also values the sacrifices that his family has made throughout his service."They roll through changes and are so resilient … they never complain. They truly are a priceless support system that sees the good in everything the Army does and calls its Soldiers to do," he added. "Our families are the unsung heroes behind the uniform."Carr says he relishes the opportunity to be a Surface Warrior and looks forward to being part of the command."I have watched and for most of my career have been the beneficiary of the fantastic work our Surface Warriors do each day," he said."I cannot express enough how proud and pleased I am to join the SDDC team. I look forward to our service together."