Season's greetings to all Eighth Army Soldiers, Civilians, Family Members and Friends! The holiday season is the perfect time to give thanks for the blessings of our freedom and spend time with family and friends. We want everyone to have a safe and joyous holiday season. The keys to a safe holiday season are Leader involvement, utilization of the "Buddy System", celebrating in moderation, and planning deliberately for the changing weather.Leaders must be involved at all levels to help our junior Soldiers incorporate risk management into their holiday plans. Leaders must be cognizant that many Soldiers will be spending their first holiday season away from family and loved ones. This is a great opportunity to show Soldiers the meaning of their Army family. Leaders will enforce the use of the "Buddy System" throughout the holidays. On or off duty, the "Buddy System" is our best tool to ensure the safety of our team. We also expect leaders to routinely check on their Soldiers and visit the barracks to ensure good order and discipline.As we celebrate the holiday season and the New Year, we remind you to do so safely and in moderation. Overindulgence in alcohol remains a major factor in incidents. Remember, if you're going to drive- NOT ONE DROP! When celebrating with friends, look out for each other. Treat everyone with dignity and respect.This is the time of year we must plan for adverse and rapidly changing weather conditions. Remind personnel to pay attention to the weather forecast and to dress appropriately in order to prevent cold weather injuries. It is important to ensure common areas and roadways are clear of snow and ice to prevent accidents. Monitor garrison social media platforms for updates and changes to conditions across the peninsula.The CSM and I want to express our thanks to all of our Soldiers, Civilians, and Family Members for the hard work they do every day. Best wishes for a joy-filled Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.Pacific Victors!MICHAEL A. BILLS Lieutenant General, USA CommandingJASON SCHMIDT CSM, USA Command Sergeant Major