FORT CARSON, Colo. -- Marines from the I Marine Expeditionary Force spent one week with the Space Soldiers from the 1st Space Battalion, 1st Space Brigade at Fort Carson, Colorado, training on software employed by Army Space Support Teams and learning how the ARSSTs integrate into different staff functions that utilize space-based products."The training we received was focused on how we can create a team similar in capability to an Army Space Support Element," said Lt. Col Joseph "Hookah" Horvath, space operations officer, Marine Forces, U.S. Strategic Command.The Marine Corps is currently experimenting with a concept to utilize space operations personnel organic to the MEF to create a team similar in capability to an ARSST. This Marine Space Support Team would support MEF staff with space operations expertise and provide the commander situational awareness of the space domain; plan, integrate and coordinate space capabilities, space control and space situational awareness activities across all warfighting functions."One aspect we were able to focus on was how the integration into Army units differs from the way they would integrate into their Marine and Navy units for different exercises and combat operations," said Matthew Burnett, senior military operations analyst and ARSST team trainer for 1st Space Battalion.The training also provided the I MEF team an opportunity to practice battle drills, develop tactics and standard operating procedures before the execution of its MEF exercise in January."I MEF team was able to review the Space Operations System tool suite and went through a series of master scenario events lists taken from ARSST training tables," said Horvath. "We also received feedback on Army space lessons learned and guidance on developing tactics, techniques and procedures and SOPs.""The MSST concept is currently in the experimental phase, which will be complete when all three MEFs have been trained, about spring of 2021, said Horvath.In the future, the Marine Corps will be working with the Brigade to bring teams from each MEF for similar training over the next year."Ideally this training would become an annual training event for the Marine Space Support Teams," said Horvath. "The Marine Corps fully expects to leverage ARSSTs and future space control teams whenever possible in the future."