Screenshot of ESPN GameDay Broadcast (Dec. 14, 2019)
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"I feel so safe so safe out here - so safe!" That is what Desmond Howard, analyst for ESPN's College GameDay, said during a live broadcast near two modern U.S. Army capabilities -- the JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) and the Stryker IM-SHORAD (Initial Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense). "Definitely!" responded David Pollack, another GameDay analyst.

The exchange occurred prior to the Army-Navy football game as ESPN College GameDay broadcasted outside of Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday, December 14, surrounded by hundreds of fans. The U.S. Army worked with ESPN to display the JLTV and Stryker as part of the broadcast.

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Other members of the ESPN on-air talent also marveled at the technology. At one point, Kirk Herbstreit exclaimed, "Maria [Taylor] is on a tank right now...!" Herbstreit was referring to another GameDay analyst, Maria Taylor. Later on in the show, Herbstreit asked if Taylor was in fact on a tank.

Taylor said, "I am on a tank, but it is not just any tank," referring to the IM-SHORAD. She then asked Army Major Jared Tharp from the Army's Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space to explain the capability.

Tharp said, "You are standing on the IM-SHORAD, the Initial Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense, armed with Hellfire missiles, Stingers, 30 millimeter cannon and 762 machine gun."

"Yeah, no big deal," responded Taylor. "We're really safe up here is basically what Major Tharp just said."