ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- I want to take this time to send my sincere gratitude for what you do for Soldiers and our nation on a daily basis.People are the Army's greatest strength and our most important weapon system.You, as ANAD employees, play a significant role in maintaining the Army's readiness.Fiscal year 2019 ended a little more than two months ago. During that 12-month span of time, you delivered on your promise to ensure our nation's readiness.You overhauled or repaired 680 combat vehicles, including 289 M1 tanks, 99 Strykers, 46 M88 recovery vehicles, 205 M113 family of vehicles and much more.You also overhauled or repaired nine bridging systems, 23 artillery systems and 10,870 small arms weapons.Additionally, you maintained 98 percent performance to promise, which means 98 percent of the time the vehicles, artillery, small arms and other items needed for our Soldiers to be ready to fight went out on time and to specifications.You did this while surging to meet demand and training new employees.ANAD proved once again the depot can be counted on to meet the nation's requirements.As someone who has been through multiple deployments, I've seen firsthand that the work ANAD does has saved lives.We could not have accomplished any of this without being good teammates to one another.This responsibility directly correlates with the Army Values, which includes treating everyone with dignity and respect, collaborating broadly and always doing the right thing.This season, you sponsored 182 children in protective custody with the Calhoun County Department of Human Resources. You gave your time and your hard-earned money to ensure they could wake to gifts on Christmas morning.You helped your own as well.You stepped up for your fellow coworkers when they asked for assistance.On behalf of those families and those children, thank you.This time of year can be filled with blessings, love, friendships and family. I hope it's that way for each of you.I know there are those who face sadness and loneliness during the holiday season. The counselors in our Employee Assistance Program are here to assist those who need them. I urge you to reach out for help.Whether your holiday plans this year include travel or not, remember to be safe.Plan ahead for all travel, check weather conditions as well as the condition of your vehicle. Don't drive tired, intoxicated or distracted.At home, keep safety in mind with decorations, cooking and fires, including candles.The bottom line is, ANAD needs you and our nation's Soldiers need you to return from your holiday celebrations safe and sound, so we can continue to support Army readiness.From my family to yours -- Happy Holidays!