ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- The Army Materiel Command's Logistics Assistance Representatives' primary mission is readiness.These individuals are a key component between the Soldiers who operate the equipment and the Organic Industrial Base elements which create, overhaul or repair the parts and products.Some of the Tank-automotive and Armaments Command LARs received training at Anniston Army Depot in November -- two of many planned classes.The courses stem from a decision by TACOM to change the existing seven LAR skill sets into four: The Ground Combat System, Soldier Chemical-Biological, Soldier Small Arms and Combat Service and Combat Service Support."This aligned the divisions by the commodity instead of geographic orientation," said Paul Tasker, chief of the LAD GCS Division at TACOM. "The purpose was to narrow the focus to the relative commodities, so we could focus on making the LARs experts on like-purpose items to produce the most viable outputs for actionable intelligence and improving readiness."As a result of the change, a three-tier certification process was established.ANAD is assisting with the Tier 2 Certification, which consists of commodity-specific certification."The majority of the GCS commodities are either rebuilt, refurbished or built at ANAD. Many of the individual components required to operate the GCS systems are refurbished or rebuilt and reclaimed at ANAD," said Tasker.Chief Warrant Officer 3 Cory Songer has been instrumental, according to Tasker, in coordinating the classes to ensure participants receive hands-on experience and gain knowledge from the production subject matter experts.The LAR Tier 2 Certification consists of this hands-on training as well as a written test, which comes from the commodity specifications and procedures.