REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. - Aligning financial management under the single command responsible for sustainment across the Strategic Support Area, U.S. Army Financial Management Command, or USAFMCOM, became a major subordinate command of Army Materiel Command Oct. 1.USAFMCOM was previously a direct reporting unit to the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller. The transition better delineates roles and responsibilities for financial management policy and execution, according to the Army General Order.AMC Commander Gen. Gus Perna said the transition did not change the mission of USAFMCOM."U.S. Army Financial Management Command is an integral component of the sustainment enterprise, executing financial, technical and comptroller activities across the entire force," Perna said. "Simply stated, this change directly improves the stewardship efforts of commanders at all echelons, and it ensures optimization of the Army's purchasing power that will enable readiness."The change gives the major subordinate command the ability to establish new ways of doing business, while allowing the Army to remain auditable, he said.Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, USAFMCOM's 300-person workforce provides enterprise-wide financial management capabilities that facilitate accountability, auditability and stewardship.Under AMC, USAFMCOM will align its core competencies within the larger sustainment enterprise and increase effectiveness and efficiencies to continue building Army readiness. The command will continue to provide direct support to the ASA (FM&C) in executing its statutory responsibilities.