Housing on U.S. Army Garrison Fort Greely, owned by the Lendlease Corporation and operated by North Haven Communities, achieved an 89% overall satisfaction rate during the recent Resident Satisfaction Survey. It was one of three locations that achieved a rate higher than 85%, including Fort Huachuca in Arizona and Picattiny Arsenal in New Jersey.The survey, distributed by the Army and administered by CEL & Associates Inc., provided Fort Greely leaders with an assessment for areas to sustain and improve.Fort Greely and North Haven Communities scored well on the recent survey because of the small post's sense of community.Alaska National Guardsman Chris MacLee, his wife Emily and their three children Ethan, Callie, and Lexi have lived on Fort Greely twice over the span of six years and have had a positive experience both times while living on post. "My daughter Lexi was ill and since we live in a small community, word travels fast. Emergency services were called and it wasn't just North Haven that came to help, it was everybody -- it was bigger -- the whole Army family," said Emily. "Fort Greely is not the perfect place, but it's a good place."Fort Greely and North Haven have not taken their achievement lightly and continue to strive for ways to improve.Fort Greely residents tend to deal with the enduring impacts of weather such as snow drifts, but the MacLee family has been pleased with the performance of the housing maintenance team. "I am even impressed with the North Haven maintenance department, they always come super-fast and clear our snow drifts that tend to block in our vehicles," stated Mrs. MacLee.The Fall Resident Satisfaction Survey launched mid-November and closes Dec. 19. The survey will provide Fort Greely leaders a perspective with areas to sustain as well as areas for improvement, ensuring Fort Greely provides the best quality of life for residents. Residents can also voice their concerns at quarterly town hall meetings or directly reach garrison senior leaders with a phone call to Fort Greely's housing hotline.People are our number one priority, and taking care of Soldiers, Families, Army Civilians and Soldiers for Life, is paramount -- they deserve the best quality housing possible.