NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland - Lt. Col. Scott Chamberlin was awarded the Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) Management and Administration Award on December 5, 2019, at the 2019 AMSUS Annual Meeting in National Harbor, Maryland.The AMSUS Annual Meeting is for military healthcare professionals and leaders to improve the effectiveness, cohesiveness, and esprit de corps of the federal healthcare services. This year's meeting theme is, "Transforming Healthcare through Partnership and Innovation."At the event, Chamberlin was recognized for having served the Army Medical Department as the Chief of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Operations for Public Health Command Europe until July 2018. He has also taken on the role as the Deputy Consultant to the Surgeon General for Clinical Veterinary Medicine as well as the Chairman for the Veterinary Medical Standardization Board (VMSV). He also served as the U.S. representative for clinical animal medicine to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).During his tenure as the Chief of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery Operations, Chamberlin was responsible for over 70 veterinary providers with clinical oversight with over 900 Military Working Dogs (MWDs) and over 50,000 privately owned animals, providing training for all providers as well as delivering consults on difficult cases.He worked with NATO, allied, and partner nations and helped guide Bulgaria in establishing their MWD program and organized the first U.S. Veterinary Services engagement with the Serbian Armed Forces."As the Deputy Consultant for Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Chamberlin has taken on many roles. Scott has also taken an active role in mentoring Army residents in civilian clinical veterinary residencies, helping them overcome difficult situations and mentoring them for success in their upcoming specialty board exams," stated Col. Dennis R. Bell, Consultant to the Army Surgeon General for Clinical Veterinary Medicine.As the Chairman of the VMSB, Chamberlin established the VMSB role to set the standard of practice in all Veterinary Treatment Facilities worldwide."Scott took his vision forward by initially rewriting the charter, and getting approval from the Veterinary Corps Chief as well as the Veterinary Executive Committee (VEC). He then organized and executed the first ever in-person meeting of all the members of the VMSB and the VEC, laying the groundwork for future operations. And to create transparency and inclusiveness for the VMSB, Lt. Col. Chamberlin created a MilSuite site as a repository for all VMSB work which allows input from the entire Veterinary Corps," said Bell."His contributions have forged a partnership that will have a positive impact on the European theater of operations for years to come," said Bell.