Officials with the Fort Knox Directorate of Public Works are seeking to help educate the workforce on the appropriate way to have maintenance issues on the installation addressed.Derrick Raney, DPW Business Operations and Integration Division branch chief, said some individuals have been submitting Interactive Customer Evaluation comments in place of work orders, resulting in delays in addressing concerns."[Maybe] they think they will get a quicker response, but they don't know the process," Raney said.Raney said submitting work orders via the ICE system often adds at least three days to the response time of a work order."In the end, it must still be submitted to the work order desk," he said. "A straight line to the work order inbox eliminates that [added] delay and time that an ICE comment sits in someone's inbox. It may travel through two or three boxes before getting to the work order inbox to be processed."ICE comments may also bog down the process for already submitted work orders, according to Raney."It is not helpful to both submit a work order and to [file] an ICE comment because the work order clerk has to ensure that the [original] work order was received and is being responded to before deciding to enter it a second time," said Raney. "[We] must be good stewards of government funds, [which means] not duplicating work and being double charged for the same issue."Then, there are several other orders not being entered in the system because the team is trying to figure [orders] out."Raney said filing work orders via email at is the best way for a couple of reasons."We want to keep the emergency work order line free from call-ins, and ask that every facility submit work orders through the facility managers so they can track it and work isn't duplicated," Raney said. "[The online form] asks for all information required which keeps the team from having to keep [seeking] out the customer for additional information."Information including the requester's name, building number, two phone numbers where the customer can be reached and a detailed description of the issue is requested.